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Mais Daun’taun, Volume 2

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Norfolk Islanders’ memories and understandings of KAVHA are shaped by their current engagement with Kingston as much as by stories of Taun from the past. The second volume of Mais Daun’taun builds on the contents of Volume 1 to further reflect the variety of ways community members engage with and experience Kingston. The zines accommodate multiple – and sometimes conflicting – views and reimaginings of Kingston’s past, present and future, its history and heritage, with stories presented on the contributors’ own terms.

The Mais Daun’taun zines highlight that Kingston is a key site of contestation in the broader cultural and political landscape of Norfolk Island. Volume 2 captures the strength of feeling many Norfolk Islanders have for Daun’taun. Among other things, contributors share precious memories of life lived Daun’taun, discuss KAVHA’s heritage value, express concerns around the site’s conservation, and voice fears and hopes for Kingston’s future.

ISBN (digital): 978-0-6452778-5-2
Cite this publication: Baker, S, Cantillon, Z & Evans, C (eds) 2022, Mais Daun’taun, Volume 2, Reimagining KAVHA, Kingston.