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Mais Daun’taun, Volume 1

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The feeling that Kingston is no longer auwas Daun’taun, despite the Kingston and Arthur’s Vale Historic Area being so central to community life, emerges in many of the contributions to this zine. Highlighted across its pages are Norfolk Islanders’ strong affective engagements with Kingston, and the area’s cultural significance. The zine reveals the joy and love felt for this special place and its role in everyday life in the present as much as in the past.

In presenting contributors’ individual stories, memories and thoughts of Kingston, the zine acts as a community archive, documenting the sense of place of Kingston on the community’s own terms. This will be the first in a number of volumes in the Reimagining KAVHA zine series that sets out to reflect the social, affective, emotional and experiential aspects of Kingston from the perspectives of contributors who have long and deep connections to this World Heritage listed site.

ISBN (digital): 978-0-6452778-3-8
Cite this publication: Baker, S, Cantillon, Z & Evans, C (eds) 2021, Mais Daun’taun, Volume 1, Reimagining KAVHA, Kingston.